The Azores: Jewels Of The Atlantic


Mother Nature has created nine islands full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy our The Azores Tour, their amazing views and warm people.


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The Azores

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Ready to enjoy The Azores Tour? São Miguel, the largest island and our starting point, will seduce you with the beauty of the Sete Cidades and Fogo Lagoons. The geysers, thermal waters, and volcanic lakes will remind you that we live on the crust of a molten ball. And the tasty Cozido das Furnas slowly cooked inside the earth will remind you of the planet’s bounty.

The beauty of the natural waterfalls and lakes carved out by volcanoes on the island of Flores is astounding. We’ll be staying in a 17th-century village that was abandoned as its inhabitants migrated to the U.S. and have been restored as a unique lodging in a breathtaking setting. We’ll also visit the tiny island of Corvo with just 430 inhabitants.


Day 1

Boston to Sao Miguel

Depart Boston’s Logan Airport on Azores Airlines at 9:15 pm flying direct to Ponta Delgada.  Meals included: None.

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Day 2

Sao Miguel

Arrive in Ponta Delgada at 6:10 am. After customs and immigration, we’ll check-into Terra Nostra Garden Hotel in Furnas.  We’ll drop off our bags and get breakfast.  After a few hours to rest or explore the grounds, we’ll venture into Ponta Delgada for a walking food tour.  We’ll take the long way back to Furnas and stop at Ceramica Micaelense in Ribeira Grande and the Gorreana Tea Plantation.  Meals included: breakfast & lunch.

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Day 3

Sao Miguel

We’ll take in the western end of Sao Miguel, including Sete Cidades, enjoying amazing views of the island along the road including a stop at the famous King’s View. After a stop for lunch in a small town by the lake, the drive continues to the west coast of the island and the beautiful rocks of Mosteiros.  Meals included: breakfast.

Sete Cidades

Day 4

Sao Miguel

Today we start with a visit to Fogo Lake, the highest and most untouched of the large lakes of the Azores. Next is Caldeira Velha, a natural monument featuring lush vegetation and thermal activity. Our last stop today is a visit to the pineapple greenhouses, where we’ll learn the unique techniques used in growing this fruit that’s important to the Azores.  Meals included: breakfast.

Lagoa da Fogo

Day 5

Fly to Flores

Today, before  we fly to Flores, we’ll visit the pineapple greenhouses, where we’ll learn the unique techniques used in growing this fruit that’s been grown here since 1919.  When we arrive in Flores, we’ll check in to our guesthouse at Aldeia da Cuada, an Azorean village that was abandoned in the 1960s by its inhabitants who emigrated mainly to America and has been rebuilt over time by Teotónia and Carlos Silva to create a unique lodging opportunity. They’ve embraced this project of a lifetime and with determination established the link between the past and the present recovering stone houses maintaining the rural style while adapting them to the requirements for a dream vacation.  Meals included: breakfast.


Day 6


In the morning, we take a boat to Corvo, the smallest island of the Azores. We’re likely to see dolphins during the trip, but the giant sperm whales are a rarer spotting. Whales appear less frequently, but when they do so, their beauty and sturdiness are unequaled. At Corvo, we’ll go to the Caldeirão with a local guide and there see a dazzling landscape. Corvo is known for its isolation, quiet, and peace that the Caldeirão conveys. After a walk around the inside of the crater, we’ll return to Flores.  Meals included: breakfast.


Day 7


Today we’ll spend half the day exploring Flores Island with our guide Silvio.  We’ll pass through Fazenda de Santa Cruz, Cedros and Ponta Ruiva. In these villages, we find some of the most beautiful viewpoints of the island. Then we head towards the center of the island: the Branca and Seca Lakes.  After lunch, you might want to take on hike on one of the island’s ancient footpaths.
Meals included: breakfast.


Day 8


We’ll enjoy another half day with Silvio, starting with the fantastic waterfalls of the island, first with Poço do Bacalhau and then with the walk to Poço da Ribeira do Ferreiro. We’ll finish by visiting the huge basalt columns of Rocha dos Bordões.  The afternoon is free day for relaxing, hiking, or additional touring.  Meals included: breakfast.

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Day 9

Fly to Terceira

We’ll take a late morning flight to Terceira.  After we check into our hotel, we’ll take a walking tour of downtown Angra do Heroismo including the Duke of Terceira Garden, the cathedral, the Governor’s House, and the Museum.  Meals included: breakfast.

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Day 10


On our last full day in the Azores, we’ll explore Terceira Island including stops at several viewpoints, visit the oldest church on the island where you can see magnificent 16th century paintings, explore the city center of Praia da Vitória, visit the inside of an empty volcano (Algar do Carvão), discover the natural pools formed by basaltic lava flow, and taste artisanal cheese. Meals included: breakfast & lunch.


Day 11

Flights home

You’ll have the morning free to sleep in, wander about the town, or relax in the garden across the street from our hotel.  Late in the afternoon we’ll fly back to Boston.  Meals included: breakfast.

270px Pico Matias Simao Altares Angra do Heroismo Ilha Terceira Arquipelago dos Acores Portugal

Activity Level


Activities are generally not very strenuous; however, we expect guests to enjoy two hours or more of walking, are sure-footed on cobbled surfaces, and walk up and down stairs without assistance. In rural and small-town settings, unpaved roads and pathways will be common with some short sections of rough trail, which we expect that guests can traverse with no more than a companion’s hand to steady them. Historic city centers are frequently more accessible by foot than a vehicle, and sometimes your motorcoach can’t drop you off at the hotel and site entrances. Due to the structure of some buildings, facilities for the disabled may be limited.

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