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About Badams

badams TRAVEL offers unique adventures to destinations a bit less traveled. Our local guides and leaders love to share with you their deep love of their homes. Whether they’re talking about the history and culture, explaining the architecture, taking you through an open-air market, or helping you spot wildlife unique to the location, their enthusiasm is palpable. And catching!

What makes us different from other tour companies? It’s the relationships we build with individuals and companies in the countries we visit and with our travelers who return with us year after year. We don’t just hire local guides and drivers, we send them birthday cakes and pastries, bring them guide books and accessories that are hard for them to obtain, they become part of our family.

And we keep our tour groups small. Generally, between five and nine guests. Our goal is to give you a personal experience with minimal impact on the local environment and culture.

We make every effort to choose small, locally-owned accommodations and restaurants, preferably those who work to operate as “green” businesses. We prefer to use indigenous organizations for day trip experiences where ever possible.

Over 40 Local Partners

We partner with local guides, drivers, hotels, restaurants, local sites, and indigenous organizations to bring you an experience that immerses you in the local culture as much as possible in the time we have together. We want you to experience our destinations, not just see them.

Never Static

Our tours do not remain the same year after year.

If you went on our Costa Rica: Treasures of the South trip last year and decide to take a friend on it next year, you’ll find it’s not the exact same experience.

We listen to the feedback from our guests and adjust our tours accordingly. So, in this case, we’ll take more time to go further up the river, make time to visit the artisanal chocolate factory, check out a couple of different restaurants, and Fabián’s eagle eye will no doubt spot some wildlife that was hiding last year.


Local Experiences


This was our third trip with badams TRAVEL and it met our high standards. We photographed birds and wildlife in settings from the mountains to the seashore. Jungle walks were guided so that we were able to view native critters in all their camouflage and learn about the environment and its residents. I especially loved meeting the scarlet Macaws!


– Susan Boyer, Vermont

Trips that expand my world view and nourish my soul. I'm just back from my fifth badams TRAVEL trip, and already looking forward to my sixth this May. Thanks to badams TRAVEL’s values and attention to detail I consistently fall in love with the places and people we visit. By taking us off the beaten path, we have unique and meaningful experiences of these places, and get beyond the tourist attractions to the deeper reality of natural and culture. I always return home grateful and energized.


– Mike Bento, DC

badams TRAVEL ensures that our trips are enjoyable and meaningful. I'm soon to embark on my third tour and look forward to more. Great combinations of nature and culture, among like-minded, conscientious tourists. With attention paid to supporting local artisans, restaurants and guides, badams TRAVEL works hard to find us experiences beyond the well-traveled paths. Trips include flexible options for the more adventuresome, always with time to relax and kick back.


– Jody Bourgeois, Seattle

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We’re excited to share with you the trips we have planned for the next eighteen months.

We’re all eager to get out and explore after a year and a half of staying mostly at home. Come and see some unique destinations with us as we explore the less-traveled path.

The Azores: Jewels of the Atlantic

The Azores: Jewels of the Atlantic

  Mother Nature has created nine islands full of natural beauty, ready to be explored, in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean: The Azores!  The AzoresMay 19 – 29, 2022Inquire about custom dates and itineraries to suit your group of family and...

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Costa Rica: Treasures of the South

Costa Rica: Treasures of the South

  This tour will take you to some of the treasures in the south of Costa Rica. You’ll see an amazing selection of Costa Rica’s biodiversity, rub shoulders with scientists doing vital research on tropical ecology, learn about some of its indigenous people, ponder...

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Costa Rica: Nature & Nurture

Costa Rica: Nature & Nurture

  On this wide-ranging tour you’ll experience some of Costa Rica’s incredible biodiversity, learn how the coffee barons shaped the country’s history and culture, and nurture your souls by spending time with activists, artisans, artists, and musicians.  Costa...

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